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About Kite

Kite is a venture that came about from my desire to remake the Victorian poster that inspired John Lennon and Paul McCartney to write Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite!. As a lifelong Beatles fan I found myself simply wanting to hang a copy of this poster on my wall. As a designer, however, I couldn't accept the many poor imitations I found – all of which use jarringly incorrect fonts (like Futura and Helvetica) and low-quality copies-of-copies of the illustrations.

So I set about doing it properly. What I thought might be a few weeks of work became several months, where sometimes the prospect of one day owning this poster seemed far away. But we got there in the end and I'm truly delighted with the end result.

It has been quite an adventure, meeting some amazing people and—even better—persuading them to help me recreate the poster. Particular thanks must go to wood-engraving artist Andy English, whose passion for his craft is truly inspirational, and Graham Bignell at New North Press whose knowledge of Victorian type and the letterpress process—as well as all the hand-printing itself—has played a major role in making this happen.

I'm also hugely grateful to London based film makers Nick Esdaile and Joe Fellows for taking an interest in this project of mine and making such a beautiful short film about it.

More recently we have launched a series of prints that are part of a genuine experiment by Stephen Hawking into the possibilities of travelling into the past – we were inspired by the fact that such a complex thing as time travel might hinge on something as simple as the right person seeing a poster. Take a look at our time travel poster.

Finally, I continue to work at Novagram – the branding and design company I started in 2010.

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Peter Dean